9 Simple and Effective Exercises to Have Slim Calves


The calf muscles are usually overlooked by people, though familiar by far might they be with sports and body exercises. These muscles exist in the back of the lower legs, also back and beyond the exercisers’ focus.

Yet the largeness of your calf does determine the largeness of your lower leg.

In a wider context, many women are accustomed to the problem of large calves; this is because they wear high heels every day, which keeps their claves large as they walk on the balls of the feet. Doing proper exercises must reduce the enlarged calf muscles.

Effectively Functional Exercises to Get Slim Calves:

If you are immensely interested in reducing the calf muscles, follow the best 9 different types of exercises with attention riveted. Read on!

1.Calf Stretching with Foam Roller:

This exercise helps stretches the calf muscles. It can be carried out with the foam roller.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

It is, as all the exercises that follow, of five main steps:

  1. Stretch your legs on the floor; have both of your hands placed on the either sides of your back.
  2. Afterwards, have your knees straight as you place your legs on the foam roller.
  3. Then lift up buttocks from the floor in a slow way.
  4. Keep repeating the exercise for about a minute or a little more, with focus on both legs.
  5. You keep 3-4 repetitions for better results.

2.Standing Calf Raise Exercises with Dumbbells:

This workout is considered as very effective, because it reduces not only the calf muscles, but also tones.

The Way to Do the Exercise:


  1. Start by being straight as much as you can, so that your feet as well as your knees are not bent.
  2. Hold dumbbells in both the hand and the back and shoulders. Keep your shoulders and back in turn straight and stretched.
  3. The balance should be felt, since you keep your muscles tight.
  4. Then raise the balls of the feet up in the air in a slow and gradual way, and stay in such position for about 10 seconds.
  5. At last, go back to the beginning position. On a daily basis, you had better keep repeating the same exercise for 12-15 times.

3.Ankle Rotation:

Simple and effective, this workout reduces the largeness of the calf muscles stored in the legs to a far extent. You can do the exercises either in as standing or sitting-on-a-chair position.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

  1. First, stand on both the legs with feet apart. And your hands placed on the sides.
  2. In a fixed position you lift your leg in the air, turning the foot inward, as and try to feel the pressure on the calf muscles spot.
  3. Afterwards, do the same but in an outward direction.
  4. Come back to the beginning position for both legs for about 10 times.
  5. Keep repeating the exercises to that you can slim calves for 3 sets on each leg.

4.Calf Raise Exercise in Seated Posture:

This workout can be taken while on a chair. The immense pressure it exerts on the calf muscles must reduce the toning and largeness.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

  1. First place your feet on the floor while you are seated on a chair.
  2. Place a dumbbell above the knee and try to cause pressure by pressing downwards.
  3. Third, in so slowly a way, raise the toes as much as possible and try to get calf muscles stretched with the help of pressure.
  4. Stay for some time in this position and go back to the start position.
  5. Keep repeating the exercise for 12-15 times and wait for amazing slim calves.


This exercise strengthens the calf muscles. But it needs much concentration than other exercises.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

  1. First, place your arms at shoulder height while you are standing in a straight posture.
  2. Then place the feet wide apart and turn the right foot is placed at 90 degrees while the left foot is kept inward about 45 degrees.
  3. Now let pressure roll on left heel, have a breath and bend the right knee and let your hands face towards the ceiling. Then press the arms together.
  4. Keep your left leg straight, and tilt the head back in a slow way, looking at the thumb. Continue the exercise position for 30 seconds with a break.
  5. Slowly have your arms lowered and go back to the start position. Do the same for the other side.

6.Squats With Raised Hands:

This exercise works for both upper leg muscles and calf muscles. In contrast to other workouts, it is applied with no equipment.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

  1. Stand straight with feet apart, both the hands placed on the sides.
  2. Afterwards, raise the hands upwards while you stretch, let your fingers point upwards the ceiling.
  3. To squat position have your body lowered, yet only by the basic help of the balls of your feet and toes.
  4. Once you reach to the lowest point as much you can do then slowly try to stand and go back to the normal posture and feel the tension in the calf area.
  5. Repeat the same for 10 times and rest while and perform 3 sets with regular intervals.


7.Stretching Calf Workouts:

This workout is being highly praised for its formidable results.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

  1. Stand straight with hands on the sides and feet together.
  2. Second, lift the right leg with the knees bent; keep the legs in the same line.
  3. Afterwards, have your hands placed on the thigh, and the left hand on the waist to make a body balance. Then make a slight turn of the shoulders and waist on the right side.
  4. Keep both feet in contact with the floor while the right leg knee is bent. Now try to find out the pressure on left leg calf muscles.
  5. Keep the exercise done for about 10 seconds and come to the start position. do the same of other leg. You should keep repeating exercises for 3 times on both legs.

8.Raised Calf With Sumo Squats:

This is a workout which has the power to reduce the calf muscles in short period of time.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

  1. In a standing position, keep the feet wider than the hip width, hands placed on the waist, and toes be placed in slightly turned out posture.
  2. Let your knees bent while your body is lowered in a squat posture.
  3. After that, lift the heels and press them back down to the floor. Be sure that the hips don’t rise only both the heels but arise above the floor.
  4. In a slow way comp up to the beginning position.
  5. Keep repeating the exercises for 10 times so that you can relax the legs, at the end you must touch calf muscles reduction so soon by regular training exercise.

9.Adho Mukha Svanasana(Downward Facing Dog Pose):


It is a yoga pose that helps stretch the calf muscles and contributes to arms and legs strength.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

  1. First, all four (hands and knees) have to be placed on the floor and then only the hands under the shoulder.
  2. Now place both the legs and feet on the floor; try to lift the hip while you press the floor away from you.
  3. Third, try to keep the knees straight and take the hip up again and away from you.
  4. Have the upper arms pressurized towards each other, shoulder blades pressed down along the spine. Keep the position for about 10 seconds so as to feel the slimming pressure on arms and calves.
  5. Come to the beginning pose. Then do the same exercise thrice.

Reasons, why fat is stored in calves, are not limited, although many are known. The cause might be genetic, that kids inherit such health issue from their parents. Or it might come up due to your overusing the calf muscles in daily activities. However, whatever the issues that increase the mass in calf area, you should do the exercises instructed in this article; also don’t forget that proper nutrition and high protein diet play no less important role. As far as you keep in mind, and in practice primarily, these points, you shall enjoy the glamour, slender-bodied posture for which you have been seeking.


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